Центр проблем аутизма
The conference "Autism. Challenges and Solutions" has been held in Moscow since 2013.
" Autism. Challenges and Solutions "

About the Conference
Attendees of the conference "Autism. Challenges and Solutions" will find out about the latest fundamental and translational research and about the opportunities provided by evidence-based methods of education and treatment of autism.
"Autism. Challenges and Solutions" is the leader in the thematic conference space, uniting international academic circles, fundamental and biotechnological research groups, educational and therapeutic centers, parents and advocates from all over the world with the mission to improve the healthcare, protection of rights, and the quality of life of people with autism.


Autism is a comprehensive challenge
We look at it from all angles:

Science Journalists

Join our community
Special education teachers
Medical doctors
and NGOs

Thematic sections of the conference

and socio-economic aspects of autism

Diagnostics and roadmaps for "autisms":
Potential biomarkers, test tools, medical examinations
Therapy of autism:
Evidence-based methods, experimental practices
Pathogenesis of autism: genetics and epigenetics
Behavioral sciences
and autism
Autism in the aspect
of neuroscience
Evidence-based methods, experimental practices
Education and structured teaching in autism
Workshops and clinical seminars:
experience exchange

Community building:
Experts, professionals, parents
Pandemic in 2020 dictated its terms:
in the spring of 2020 the Organizational Committee of the conference decided to develop the traditional forum into the innovative technological format.

Live presentations and lectures
Live questions and answers

Live broadcast studio with
a fulltime presence of a moderator

Discussions of participants on the
conference platform

Recordings of lectures and presentations
Online format
of the conference: